World Model

① Wooden (Hull) Production

To cut shape to linear Gage using a tool for wood patterning, and to finish with paper and sanding

② Mold Demolding (2 EA)

To spread the releasing agent evenly on the wooden mold, and to apply gelcoat after waiting a certain time and dry it.
To place the matrices cut at regular intervals on a wooden form and apply FRP Resin using a brush or roller.
It cannot be demolded by one mold at a time, since the shape of the bow and stern is not suitable for demolding.
Therefore, two molds need to be fabricated based on the center part.

③ Hull Demolding (FRP)

To fix two demolded molds with the bolts & nuts at the center, to remove the protruding parts with respect to the deck face, to dry and unfasten the fixed bolt and nut at the center, and to demold one by one and remove the hull.

④ Deck Construction

To completely dry the demolded hull and construct deck.

⑤ Deck Piping

To drill holes in the deck using drilling machines, and to construct pipe post (brass) considering the deck camber.

⑥ Finishing (Finishing Touching and Post-Processing)

The hull and upper part of the deck are gradually finished using increasing grade of papers.

⑦Hull Painting (More than 3 times)

Production Procedure